Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom teeth, or third molars, are often recommended to be removed because most people do not have sufficient room in their mouth for the teeth to erupt normally. When they remain “impacted,” they can develop cysts, become infected, cause damage to the adjacent teeth, and even crowd the other teeth. Frequently, if a patient has completed orthodontic care, it will be recommended to have the third molars removed to prevent crowding of the teeth. As in many areas of medicine and dentistry today, a preventative approach toward wisdom teeth is preferred. If the wisdom teeth are removed before they become symptomatic, or before any of these potential problems present, it is much easier than dealing with the consequences they might cause. Also, when wisdom teeth are removed at a younger age, generally teenage years to early 20s, the low complication rate of removing the wisdom teeth is even lower.

As an oral surgery practice, we often receive referrals from dental offices, requesting dental extractions for a patient. When multiple teeth, impacted, infected or painful teeth are involved, an oral surgeon is usually requested to remove these teeth, because various techniques, including IV sedation can be employed to assure the patient has a pleasant experience. Your referring dentist is concerned about your needs and thus involves us, a specialist, to aid with your care.

Generally, we like to see a patient for an initial consultation to evaluate the procedures indicated and review the patient’s medical history. As an oral surgeon, we generally remove wisdom teeth using IV sedation, to ensure a pleasant experience. The consultation appointment allows us to explain the sedation used and prepare the patient appropriately. Also, most patients are started on a pre-surgical prescription to maximize the patient’s post-operative recovery and comfort level. We believe the initial consultation is critical to providing the patient with valuable information and making sure we have done everything possible towards an uneventful post-operative experience.

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